EVE Online “Raids”

In response to Sugar Kyle’s Taboo Questions about High Sec.

EVE would benefit from more group PVE content. Also players should be able to form a corp, which cant be wardecced, but has some withdraws, like they cant deploy structures, has to pay 10% tax for Concord for protection etc…

Make a group content which is like incursions.

  • First you need 3-5 frigates killing small incursions, and hacking data containers inside for coordinate fragments.
  • If your corp makes enough sites, you have enough coordinate data to find X amuont of Cruiser sites.
  • Then you need 10-15 cruisers doing the same, just harder, to collect BS site coordinates.
  • Then you need 20-30 Battleships (and allowing only logis and covert ops for hacking from lower tiers) making the hardest group content in high sec. In BS sites you could hack for HQ coordinates in lowsec.
  • Now you need a full fleet to scout and roam to the lowsec HQ site and finish it. This HQ site should be only accesible by the corp who have the coordinates, and unscannable by others. And also have a maximum ship amount around 50 and be able to done in cruisers.

This should be as much ISK/hour as the current incursions, but the last lowsec HQ site should reward something desireable for the High Sec community, “epic” loot, ship skin only obtainable this way, something cosmetic upgrade for you or your station cabin etc, and only dropping 2-3 for the 50 people.

The point would be that for the greatest profit and achievement they have to roam into lowsec, making them risk their ships, fitting them for pvp. In the site they could refit for PVE, and if they get into the site safely they are protected, at the end of the site they should have an option to jump to a random high sec system, because 50 people in local for an hour doing a site is gonna draw some attention and they will be ganked when they finish it and try to warp off to gate. Or at least jumping them to a random low sec system close to highsec, where they have at least a chance.

What you have?

  • A variety of group content. From 3 to 50 person fleets, you have to do every kind of sites to unlock the next level and achieve the final “epic” reward.
  • You have to be able to fly and fit frigs, cruisers, BSs, covert ops efficiently to unlock last site.
  • Forcing players to do PvP for the last reward. A 50 man fleet is gonna be hard to intercept, which is good, because you dont want them to die on the way to every HQ site, you want them to taste PVP and maybe leave High Sec because of the PvP experience.

This would force high sec corps to do a minimum amount of PvP for the greatest rewards, making an opportunity to experience fleet PvP, scouting, roaming, and get the taste of lowsec. The most succesful corps will have a reputation not only for PvE but for PvP too among the high sec community. Succesful corps will be desirable and players competing for places in them. High sec community will have to do PvP and risk ships for the greatest reward.

If they dont do the last site, you have an other incursion mechanic, which hurts noone. But if the rewards are desireable, some will go and try to get to the last system.

Of courcse we have to balance the amount of doable HQ sites for corps. For example, casual corps should be able to unlock 1 site per week, while “HC” corps should be able to unlock 2-3/per week. Remember, HQ site would only drop 2-3 from the available X amount of reward for the whole fleet. So if you have a group of 50 HC players, you will need to succesfully make about 20 sites for everyone in your fleet to have 1 of the X amount of rewards.

I think the MMORPG raiding community would love this kind of gameplay, and if implemented would draw a lot of players to EVE. And since they would be forced to PvP some of them would leave for lowsec because of the experience.

Next step could be the same kind of mechanics, doing the same sites in lowsec with the final stage leading to nullsec, with other types of “epic loot” and cosmetic rewards.

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